Want Free Yoga

Want Free Yoga


Want Free Yoga, well almost free – $4/month?


Moksha Yoga Westshore offers a program called the Moksha Ambassador Program. We understand that yoga can be a luxury that not everyone can afford and this program allows those who deeply desire to improve their practice but are financially challenged, to still be involved and be part of the Moksha community. Moksha Ambassadors live and breathe Moksha’s 7 pillars and ooze all things Moksha! The Ambassadors are an integral part of the studio and their passion and dedication shines forth in the energy they put into both inside and outside the studio.

$4/month Membership Fee applies (paid every 4 months)

The perks include:

  • 2 class card or one week of unlimited yoga for each shift you complete.
  • Free mat and towel rentals all the time yo!
  • Free unlimited practice at Moksha Yoga Victoria
  • 15% off retail & workshops
  • Opportunities to practice on shift
  • invitation to special professional photoshoots
  • Free private classes, potlucks, unlimited massages from the teachers, and access to this awesome budding community.
  • 50% off LiveWELL Membership ($99/mo) for anybody who is your husband, wife or child/dependents.  Must live with you and must be part of your immediate family.
  • Free ABC workshops
  • Access to the massage and hot room at a discounted rate to use for your budding business such as Reiki or private yoga classes.

If you too want free yoga, and would like to be considered for the program, please fill out the form below. Please note – all information will be kept strictly confidential.


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