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Master Class Weekend with YuMee Chung

Friday March 16th:

6 pm – public workshop night : Fast Track to Flexibility (2 hours) *balls included IF they attend the class


Saturday March 17th:

11 am – public workshop : The Art of Breath (2 hours)

2:30 – 5:30 pm – teacher workshop afternoon: Embodied Storytelling (3 hours)


Sunday March 18th:

9:30 am – public workshop (morning?): Chakras Explained (3 hours: talk + yoga class)

1:30 pm – 4:30 pm- teacher workshop afternoon: Cultivating an Authentic Teaching Voice (3 hours)

What we’re charging:

all workshops are $55 (2 hour workshops have gifts) or $195 for the weekend

*teachers who teach at MYW get their 30% discount
* Moksha teacher everywhere + all MYV teachers get 20% discount
* Members + yoga teachers that don’t fit in the above categories (Feel Good, Bikram, One Yoga) get 10% discount


Let certified Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball practitioner, YuMee Chung, take you through a total body self-care routine designed to increase range of motion, diminish pain and support your yoga practice. The Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball System provides targeted trigger point therapy by using specially designed high-grip rubber balls and focused movement that help penetrate through layers of skin, muscle and fascia to massage deeply into your high tension areas. This workshop will offer you tools for addressing back pain, shoulder and neck tension, TMJ, tight hips and hamstrings, and plantar fasciitis. Diminish pain, improve posture, and enhance performance.

EMBODIED STORYTELLING (teachers and curious students)
Stories, tales, myths, parables and allegories have been used for millennia to communicate universal truths. They have a special way of touching the heart and conjuring a vivid sense of shared experience. At the end of the day, great teachers are great storytellers.


Join YuMee Chung for a workshop on awakening your innate storytelling ability. Learn how to use stories to support class themes and to weave intention through a practice. Refine your ability to identify and communicate about the universal teachings in your own embodied experiences and build trust in your authentic narrative voice. This workshop will be part lecture, part engaged learning exercises and part practice. Come prepared to practice and to take notes.

THE ART OF BREATH (all levels): Breathe well, live well. The equation is simple. And yet so many of us could breathe better both on and off the yoga mat. Learn practical techniques for releasing and strengthening the key muscles of respiration before moving through ancient and modern yogic breath techniques. Shine the light of awareness on your hidden patterns, expand your breathing tool kit, and learn to live better in your body.

THE CHAKRAS EXPLAINED (all levels) The chakra system is of great interest to us yogis who wish to go deeper because it provides a practical model for understanding the evolution of consciousness and guides our progress towards the ultimate aim of yoga, which is to lead lives that are happy and free.

In this fascinating workshop, Advance Certified Yoga Teacher YuMee Chung will introduce you to the chakra system through the anatomy of the physical and energetic bodies. You will learn how each chakra relates to a different level of perception and explore ways to bring about therapeutic transformation using the tools of asana, mantra, and meditation.

This three hour workshop will consist of a informal talk followed by a chakra tuning yoga practice directed towards bringing insight into our physical, mental and emotional patterns so that we may instigate deep and lasting healing. Please come ready to delve deeply.

CULTIVATING AN AUTHENTIC TEACHING VOICE (teachers and curious students)
This is a workshop in cultivating refined speech and developing an authentic voice. We begin by becoming conscious of the ways in which we currently use language when we teach–this is really about getting rid of crutch words, imprecise language, and ineffective sentence constructions that waste prana and create distance between teacher and student. We then create new vocabulary around the directions of movement, so our instructions stay fresh and impactful rather than becoming repetitive and hackneyed. We also explore how to use metaphor to communicate in a layered and nuanced way. The session ends with a module on using the voice to its full effect–this involves engaging fully with the breath; strengthening vocal muscles, and keeping the resonators throughout the body open and relaxed.


Friday, March 16 to Sunday, March 18
12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
$55 - $195
Moksha Yoga Westshore