Parking at Moksha

Welcome to Moksha Yoga Westshore.  Parking at Moksha can be a bit of a doozy.  We have limited parking on the main pad in front of the studio, but many options elsewhere.  Three really important things to remember when coming to the studio:

  1. Arrive early so you aren’t feeling rushed in finding a spot.  Your yoga practice starts far before you arrive, so breathe deep and offer yourself the time you need to arrive safely and without added stress.
  2. Don’t park in stalls that are not approved.  Jordan’s in particular is towing vehicles and we really want to you to be happy when you leave the studio.
  3. When in doubt, ask it out!  There is always somebody at the front desk who can let you know if where you parked requires some refining!

Below is a list of all the free and safe places to park your vehicle ANYTIME:

  1. On the main parking pad in front of the studio in stalls marked “Moksha” or the ones that are unmarked entirely.
  2. Across the street at Walmart (they are absolutely supportive of it too!)

Below is a list of additional parking stalls for EVENINGS & WEEKENDS

  1. Splashes (Upper Deck) – after 6 PM Monday to Saturday, and FREE all day Sundays
  2. Splashes (Lower Deck closer to Jacklin Road) – after 6 PM Monday to Friday, FREE on the weekends