Image - Heather MacLeod

Heather MacLeod

Heather has often been told she is a role model for ‘living large’ as she chases the things that make her feel more alive. She was drawn to a committed Moksha practice and completed her first training in 2007. While maintaining integrity in her life and leading by example this practice became a lifestyle for Heather.

Heather is one of Directors at Moksha Yoga Victoria which doesn’t come without dedication, hardwork, and the belief system that you can follow your heart and succeed. Her passion to teach yoga is complimented by years work in therapeutic roles which lends itself to Heather’s natural tendency to find the lesson in any given situation. Heather advocates that yoga is for everyone and anyone; size, mobility & injury. After many injuries, one of Heather’s strengths is her focus on safety of the joints. She will lead you through a mindful, alignment based practice; class is sure to get you out of your head, engaged, and no where else but your mat. She will guide you with a soft but powerful voice, a supportive presence and wise words. 

Heather has also taken additional trainings; Moksha Level 2, Yin, Mindfulness & Anusara.