Cass Onifrichuk


Cass’ yoga journey began during a highly stressful time when moving back to Victoria from Calgary in 2014. Cass had completed her double major and minor programs at UVic and moved to Calgary to pursue a job in the corporate world. After spending 10 months in Calgary, she returned back to Victoria and yearned for community, nature and the simple life.

She stumbled into Moksha Yoga Victoria since it was the closest studio to home. She fell in love with the practice, the community and the feeling of home every time she practiced and connected to her body. Yoga captivated her heart since it complemented her dance and movement background. This curiosity has inspired her to dive in and complete certifications to complement her passion of movement combined with well-being.

Cass loves to help connect people with themselves. Through community and movement, Cass was able to reconnect to her own body and start to lead a full life full of adventure, giggles and sharing. Cass aims to blend her love of yoga with nature to inspire students to lead from their hearts. She hopes to ignite a spark in your belly to help radiate through out your body and cause positive change.