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Alicia Onifrichuk

Moksha, Moksha Flow, Yin

Alicia’s yoga practice began while she was completing a highly competitive BFA program at OCAD in Toronto, Canada. After graduating, Alicia and her then boyfriend, now husband, headed for an Australian adventure. It was supposed to be an easy trip where Alicia made some money, skipped a Canadian winter, and tried to figure out what to do with her degree. This would be the first time in Alicia’s life where she would come face to face, many times, with the fact that things don’t always go as planned.

While working and traveling on a shoestring budget in OZ, Alicia signed up for her first 200 hour yoga teacher training. Over the years and many journeys later, Alicia has completed numerous trainings and workshops with inspiring teachers on both the international and local levels.

As a passionate teacher, Alicia strives to inspire each class participant with her natural lightheartedness and positivity. With a love of possibilities, coupled with her sheer determination (and lots of serendipity) Alicia resists the unknown a little less than she once did. This sentiment is not unlike the story of how Alicia came to live on Canada’s west coast.