Sweata-Weatha helps us define our why

Sweata-Weatha helps us define our why

Each time I drive back to Alberta in the fall, it brings back memories of when I used to live in Edmonton and I would drive to Victoria every other month.  We did this as part of our research to see if Victoria would be a good fit for a new Moksha studio and my… More details

My Wish For Your Practice - Moksha Yoga Westshore

My Wish For Your Yoga Practice

I write this letter sitting in the passenger seat of my mom’s little white Fiat, starring out the window at the changing scenery.  Fall is my favourite time of year to drive back to Alberta to see Morgan.  We literally drive through summer right into fall in a matter of hours.  Lush, bright green rainforests,… More details

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This is Yoga – a Response to Lululemon

I recall standing in the kitchen of my old house, my boyfriend at the time and I clearly not seeing eye-to-eye on something probably so trivial that today, it would make me shake my head at how silly we were.  I looked at him and said, “This is your yoga practice,” and proceeded to walk… More details

Live a Flourishing Life

Creating Just the Right Conditions

What Conditions Do You Need to Create in Order For Your Life to Flourish? – by Darci Nyal Every morning I sit on my new patio and drink my coffee starring at the wilderness taking over spring like there is a hidden artist slowly painting each blade of grass, each shrub – adding vibrancy back in… More details

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You Can’t Turn a Man into a Tile

You Can’t Turn a Man into a Tile – A Reflection from our time with Michael Stone There is this point in one’s yoga practice where you’ve studied enough books to know that you can no longer respond to life from a place of habit.  Instead, with all these tools you’ve learned over the years,… More details

A Not So New Years Resolution - Moksha Yoga Westshore

A Not So New Years Resolution

A NOT SO NEW YEARS RESOLUTION Every year Heather MacLeod (my business partner in crime) and I complete this incredible document called, Unravelling The Year Ahead. I have 3 years of these documents in my drawer beside my bed, and each year I’m always surprised at how different the year turns out compared to what… More details

Evolution of Yoga - Moksha Yoga Westshore

Evolution of Movement

Evolution of Movement – A Response to Fitness Trends One of the things that makes the Moksha community so incredible is our ability to adapt to changing times.  It is one of the most important attributes a business can have.  Just like in nature, refusal to evolve ends with extinction.  Yoga styles and studios will… More details